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Anonymous said: it sounds so fucking arrogant when you call yourself pretty like that lmao





But I am pretty look at me im so pretty it’s not arrogance when it’s literally just a fact im so pretty



I like this.

If a man tells you you’re pretty, it’s supposed to be this amazing gift you cherish forever.

If you tell a man you’re pretty, you’re a horrible, shallow, awful person and it isn’t true.

I hate that confident women are bashed for being confident - especially by other women. When a pretty woman denies her beauty, she’s trashed for fishing for attention, but when she embraces it she becomes an arrogant bitch. 

Like, am I supposed to apologize and constantly hide genetic traits I got from my parents? Should I wear a bag over my head so that no one is offended by my prettiness? 

What happened to loving yourself for who you are and embracing it? Outer beauty and inner beauty are not mutually exclusive.

Anyone who calls a woman arrogant/conceited/narcissistic/bitchy for acknowledging the fact that she is proud of how she looks is directly contradicting the “love yourself no matter what you look like” ideology because they are saying people who have outer beauty are not allowed to love themselves.

This is wrong. Everyone is entitled to self-love, and anyone who tries to take it away from another person, FOR ANY REASON, is truly ugly on the inside - no matter what their outward appearance may be.

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